To deliver its curriculum for online teaching and learning, the school uses a number of platforms provided by a range of different providers. The most important platform is the Google Classroom.

WhatsApp can be used mainly for communication, Zoom class discussion and Pre – recorded lessons.

Delivery of Lessons 

You will have started to receive email invitations/ Class Codes to join Google Classrooms from all your teachers. Make sure you accept those invitations from ALL your subject teachers– the school will know if you are missing from the class ).

Teachers are going to decide what kind of lessons will work best for their subject.

They will tell you how lessons are going to be organized by posting in the Google Classroom. Even if you haven’t had an email from your teacher – you MUST check your Google Classrooms for the subjects on your timetable for that day.

Lesson will possibly be delivered as follows.

Lesson type A:  teachers will provide your online lessons for you to work on during scheduled timetable slots .Some of those lessons may be in real time so you will have to be at your computer. Lessons will be recorded during online delivery, to account for time zone differences so they can be shared with students in other timezones (where applicable).

Lesson type B:  teachers will record instructional content in advance and make it available to students, with accompanying work set for the scheduled lessons.

Lesson type C: work will be set in advance, with a commitment to be available via video / voice / text chat or via email to provide guidance, answer questions as well as marking / providing feedback on work.

There may also be combinations of these different types of lessons.

The school timetable will provide structure and a routine for you to ensure that there are clearly identified times, when instruction / guidance can be given. The timetable should be adhered to as closely as possible to support your organisation (and routine) and prevent any clashes. Your ability to manage this will depend to a large extent on your own self-discipline, the support of your family and the school resources mentioned above Communication is key! If students are confused, need more help, unsure of what to do – they MUST contact their teachers! If they feel they have too much or too little work – they MUST contact their teachers. Tutors can help if students feel they need more support doing this. An appeal to parents: please encourage your child to be communicating with the teacher rather than you getting involved. The teacher and student and if necessary other school management are more directly involved and therefore more likely to be able to solve the problem quicker.