Participation in sport is compulsory on two afternoons per week, throughout the year.

Sisekelo offers a wide variety of sporting activities. Team sports include athletics, badminton, basketball, cricket, cross country, hockey, netball, rugby, soccer, squash, swimming, volleyball and tennis. For inter-house sports and games, pupils and teachers are members of one of the three houses: Cheetahs, Leopards or Panthers. These houses compete academically as well. Exception is made during the examination period, but our children are encouraged to keep active, even during this period.


Why cultural activities?

For holistic development of students and to explore other talents besides academics.

These activities may change each term, but include a wide variety of interests such as Arts and Crafts, Board Games, a magazine club, Bible study, weight lifting, aerobics, public speaking, chess, interact, arts and craft, Science Club, Video Club, Cook Book and drama.


For one week per year, Sisekelo teachers run projects designed to enhance their skills at the same time enriching the lives of our students. Each grade participates in a full five day programme designed to extend the curriculum. There is a variety of projects from which to choose; while the choices are optional, participation is compulsory.

Work Shadow:

As part of the Active Citizenry (previously know as Life Orientation) curriculum, the Grade 11's are placed in various professional institutions in the kingdom. For a week they share a work experience where they are expected to ‘do their share’. This experience should enable them to have a better understanding of possible career choices. The greater business community in Eswatini is extremely supportive – many of our parents participate by hosting a group or individuals from Grade 11.