Sisekelo Parent Portal

This is a platform that will allow you to track your child's progress. On this portal you will find content such as your child's progress report, any announcements that will be of interest to you as well as letters and any additional content that pertains to your child and the school as a whole.
Getting Started
To log In
1.Type : on the browser ( Internet Explorer, Google chrome, Mozilla fire fox…

PARENTS USER ID and Password structure
2. User Id; parent firstname. lastname ( mark.jones)
3. Password: test.123
You are strongly advised to change it to your own.

Changing Password to your own.

1- Click on Account tab on the left hand panel
2- Click on Modify details- to change your password
3- Key in your own password.

1) In order to access your child's progress report you simply click on the Reports tool located on the left-hand side of the page, locate the report and download it. You can save it onto your cellphone, laptop or tablet.
2) In order to access Announcements if any are posted, you simply click on Announcements on the right-hand side of the page. They are displayed on your Homepage on the top-right hand side. Message of the day will also be used for displaying announcements.
3) Under the Resources tool which is also located on the left hand side of the page you can find content such as school letters, and other content that the school will find important to send to you. The relevant educators will notify you if they have attached any content onto your Resources tool

Contacts for support: