The IEB-ISC is an international qualification in that it is intended to be offered across borders in different countries, particularly in Africa.  The term is used specifically to indicate that it is not a qualification of one country that is being offered in other countries but rather one that has been designed with the express intention of being a globally respected qualification for students with an African heritage who want to participate effectively and navigate competently in international communities

The fact that the ISC has been evaluated by (Universities of Southern Africa) USAF and considered to meet the requirements for entry to tertiary institutions, both public and private, in South Africa is a significant indicator of its quality.


The Sisekelo academic programme prepares our pupils for the matric certificate of the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) which they sit for in Grade 12- (IEB/ ISC qualification). IEB is an assessment body accredited by Umalusi, the South African statutory body responsible for quality assurance for school and adult assessments.

This programme is an introduction to the core subjects for the IEB/ISC curriculum: English, a second language, either siSwati or French or Afrikaans, Mathematics, Natural Science, Economics & Management Science, Information Communications Technology (ICT), Engineering Graphics & Technology, Geography, History and Active Citizenry. There is also a Library period where pupils are encouraged to read for enjoyment and are introduced to various research techniques

The Grade 9 Subject Specific Tests are available in English Home Language and Mathematics. The Subject Specific Tests measure learners’ ability in the essential knowledge and competencies deemed to be in place if Grade 9 learners are to meet the demands of the Further Education and Training Band.

These tests are usually written in the first week of November and the learners’ scripts are marked by teachers at Sisekelo using the marking guidelines which are provided online by the IEB. All scripts are returned to the IEB for the standardisation process. The IEB provides feedback to the schools about the achievement of their learners as well as about the school’s performance in relation to the full sample of participating schools.

Towards the end of the Grade 9 year, pupils will need to make their final subject choice for Matric. English Home Language, Mathematics or Quantitative Reasoning, a second language and Active Citizenry are compulsory subjects. Thereafter, the choice is between  Accounting, Business Studies, Computer Studies, Engineering Graphics & Technology, Geography, History, Biology, Physical Sciences and Consumer Studies. Our pupils are encouraged to choose more than one subject which may be relevant to their career path. Career guidance is given during Active Citizenry lessons and  on Career’s Days.

The Subject Choice Guide is given to Grade 9 pupils at the end of Term 2 in order that a considered choice be made.

From Grade 10 pupils prepare for the final IEB/ ISC qualification which is internationally recognized. The majority of Sisekelo pupils enter university or university of technology in South Africa and internationally.  Those who are accepted generally do so without having to complete a bridging course. This qualification is internationally recognized by top universities in South Africa and abroad.